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ALTUS is an Investment Fund that uses AutoTrading technology and Robot Advisers to be able to produce above market returns. Our approach, using AutoTrading systems (Algorithms) and Robot Advisers that invest in Stocks, ETFs, Options and Futures with proven track records has the possibility to provide better results in the long run.

The use of very sophisticated technology with the guidance of our investment Committee provides for an environment in which the results have a better chance of out performing the markets in the long term. Emotions are kept in line as the use of Algorithms adhere to very strict rules and do not change based on what type of emotions the markets are producing.

ALTUS is registered in Ireland, its listed in the Austria Stock Exchange (Weiner Bourse) and can be held in custody with any Custodian in the world that has access to Euroclear or Clearstream.

Investment Strategy

ALTUS investment's strategy is designed based on the selection of AutoTrading systems...


Chart and Graph comparing the combine performance of the systems...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ALTUS Fund?

Investment Strategy

ALTUS investment's strategy is designed based on the selection of AutoTrading systems and Robot Advisers that navigate through different asset classes that have a different or negative correlation between them. The use of Algorithms that have very different strategies has the possibility of creating better Risk adjusted Returns over time.

The best of both worlds working for your wealth

At Altus, we think with 2 left hemispheres; because while our investment committee make rational and informed decisions, our algorithms make sure that we take the best route. That's why we do not win until you win, we trust our process as much as we want you to trust us.



Letting a robot advise us on how to invest, might sound like science fiction, but in a world where money and bytes are not so different, isn't it more logical? Leave your equity in our hands and ensure a future where your money works for you, and not the other way around.

Performance Graph

Monthly Performance

• Chart comparing the combine performance of the systems used by the Fund against the S&P 500 index.

• Table illustrates the Historical Monthly Performance of the systems used by the Fund.


General Info


By using algorithms that constantly watch over your financial security and the constant expert advise of the investment committee working rigorously for you, you can dream peacefully, we can assure you one thing: regardless of your goals; they are also ours.

Key Relationships

To provide clients with the highest standard of service and compliance, we have associated ourselves with some of the top firms in Portfolio Management, Financial Services, Auditing and Fiduciary management, to name a few.

Portfolio Manager
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To invest in the Altus Fund you will need to setup a Trust Account with
Atlas Trust , to do so, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. uno Fill out, print and sign (2 pages): Formulario Conozca a su Cliente

  2. dos Please provide the documents included in: Documentos Necesarios

  3. tres To fund the Trust Account, please use this: Wire Transfer Instructions

Please provide this documents to your Financial Advisor or send via email to: info@altusfunds.com